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Get your customized historic German dinner entertainment here!

One of the best corporate entertainment and dinner shows in Germany.

Take a leap back in time to when Germany was home to brave heroic knights, beautiful princesses, powerful horses, and humble townsfolk.

Dive into an epic corporate entertainment adventure that features a spectacular horse show, acrobatic entertainment, stunts, sword fights, a tournament of knights, traditional medieval jousting, and a fire show and burning horses that will make you dream, scream, cheer, laugh, and shiver.

This outstanding corporate entertainment dinner show provides a true piece of medieval German culture and history. Breathtaking!

Your Exclusive Knights Tournament Show

Turn your corporate event into a customized medieval dinner and show spectacle!

Offer your guests in Germany an evening of corporate entertainment that they’ll never again experience in their lives.


The Knights Tournament Show is the ultimate dinner and show experience to surprise your guests with real horses and real knights, trick riding, sword fighting, fire tricks and a real jousting battle.

The knights jousting dinner show is the ultimate medieval dinner and show experience that will astonish your guests with the best horse show and real knights, trick-riding, sword fighting, fire tricks, and a real medieval jousting battle.

This corporate live-action event immerses the audience in a tale of valor and treachery that they’ll witness from only a few meters away.

Noble knights on mighty horses show off their best riding skills among special effects and pyrotechnics. It’s all in the name of honor that they compete to win the medieval jousting tournament, the battle between good and evil, and the heart of the beautiful princess.

What's included?

You can look forward to:

  • a horse show with stunt horses
  • trick riding & fire artists
  • a medieval tournament of knights with jousting
  • horses jumping through flames
  • burning horses (no horses are harmed)
  • bold knights & townsfolk, a princess & heraldry

Options to choose from

A highly customized corporate entertainment dinner show that includes

  • from four to 20 horses
  • 12 to 60 artists in medieval costumes
  • for every budget and group size!
  • Dinner show duration: 25-50 minutes


And there’s more...

Would you like even more?

We’ll create a fully themed corporate entertainment dinner event in Germany for you with a medieval setting, decorations, catering, and more.

Everything you want and need will be arranged for you.


Indoor and Outdoor, In All Venues

Across Germany, in every venue and city, we’ll bring this ultimate entertainment show with the best medieval artists and performers to your corporate dinner event.

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, or Hamburg? Don’t worry – we’ll provide you with many exciting customized corporate entertainment options throughout Germany.

This amazing dinner show can be performed in- or outdoors in almost any venue in Germany or throughout Europe. Your dedicated team of corporate entertainment coordinators and production specialists hand-select the best stuntmen, artists, and actors to create the perfect medieval dinner show for your event.

We always provide exceptional corporate entertainment options that will be customized to suit your individual corporate event requirements in Germany.


  • an unforgettable dinner show experience
  • an ultimate and UNIQUE corporate entertainment program
  • happening just five meters away from the audience
  • exclusive re-creation of medieval culture
  • a once-in-a-lifetime dinner show experience for your guests
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Time-travel is our passion

We’re your specialists for unique corporate entertainment shows. Our passion is the design and production of customized corporate medieval shows for dinner and incentive events with great medieval artists. We turn corporate events into historic knight festivals, medieval dinner show spectacles, markets of the Middle Ages, medieval jousting tournaments, and German castle festivals.

Our goal is simple: To create not only a unique corporate dinner show but a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment memory for you.

With our vast knowledge and experience as a German full-service agency, we’re dedicated to making your medieval dinner show a successful corporate event.

For all kinds of events and budgets at venues across Germany, we’re your definitive partner for unique and high-quality corporate entertainment. We’re dedicated to providing the very best entertainment and dinner show for your corporate event!

Medieval incentive trip to Germany for 5-50 guests

We transport your group to the ultimate medieval show spectacle.

We arrange exclusive event incentive trips to the greatest medieval knight tournament and horse-show in the world.

As VIP guests, you’ll experience the best authentic German festival and dive into an exciting medieval wonderland. Outstanding performers and jesters, sutlers and minstrels, knights and craftsmen join you at the re-created Middle Ages marketplace, facilities, and restaurants.

The highlight of your day in the Middle Ages is a great knight’s tournament show in the grand arena. Witness a spectacular horse show with real knights, medieval artists, and townsfolk. The spectacular medieval jousting battle will decide the conflict between good and evil.

We take care of all event organization details including VIP transportation and VIP access before the official opening.

Guided tours in every language, a meeting with the Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, reserved seats in one of the main restaurants, including a medieval dinner with entertainment by selected knights and medieval artists at the table, and VIP seats in the exclusive lodge. Don’t miss this magnificent event adventure.

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Combine the medieval spectacle with a trip to the best castles in Germany, such as Neuschwanstein Castle.


We offer you a full-service event package!



Visit Germany and take a trip to the best castles – like Neuschwanstein Castle – on an incentive trip individually customized and designed to meet your every desire.

Get ready for a unique and authentic cultural experience in Germany. Let us show you the best secret spots, palaces, castles, fortresses, and residences that Germany offers. It will take your breath away. Multilingual guides, hostesses, and interpreters will be the perfect companions on your corporate incentive trip.



Spectacular dinner shows call for extraordinary venues!

We’ll gladly provide you with a wide range of the best indoor and outdoor venues to create once-in-a-lifetime memories and the best corporate dinner events for your guests.

Your favorite venue can be turned into an unforgettable medieval setting that also matches the theme of your corporate event. Decorations and staging will be carefully selected and designed to create a unique setting for the best dinner event experience.



For your trip to Germany we’ll offer you the best hotel quality and prices and make your visit or corporate event the most comfortable and memorable ever.

Sit back and let us handle all the details, from event travel and transportation to hotel booking at your destination in Germany.



Treat yourselves to a dinner that transports you back in time to the Middle Ages. Enjoy delicious medieval food in an historic setting or the venue of your choice. The knight’s maidservants and vassals will serve you a unique medieval meal as you follow medieval traditions throughout the dinner ceremony.

The dinner will be served with musical entertainment by a bard. A knife will be your only tool apart from your hands, and mead and drinks are served in a bullock’s horn. Enjoy a very special dinner event and digest it afterward with homemade medieval “medicine.”



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